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Bramble combines analytics with actions to provide leaders with an intuitive pathway to achieve organizational goals and empower employees.

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Companies that benefit most

Have 1000+ employees (however platform can be used for companies of any size)

Working in back-office, middle-office, finance, and Support functions

In verticals such as, Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, and BPO

Improve faster


Are your resources as productive as they could be?


Do you have the right resources doing the right work?


Are your processes and systems as optimized as they should be?

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Everything you need in one location

So you can spend less time collating data, and more time actioning it.

Expansive Metrics

Bramble’s recursive reporting provides actionable insights to all layers of your organization.

With our built-in target setting and forecasting capabilities, you can easily align your tactical and strategic goals while monitoring progress and execution.

Resources Report
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Operating Cadence

Gain confidence that everyone in your organization is pulling in the same direction.

The Bramble Cadence is a customizable operating framework that guides users on their necessary focus areas each day, week, or month.

Continuous Improvement

Save time and money by expediting root-cause analysis, and focus your team on solutions.

Bramble transforms your data to provide rapid identification and sizing of people, process, and system improvement opportunities.

Output Report Dashboard
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Total Transparency

All high performing companies help their people find the balance between agency and accountability.

Everyone in your organization is provided with their own access to the Bramble platform, with information curated to each user and their role.

How It Works

Establish data connections with the systems used to manage the work.
Establish taxonomy and commence data transfers to view current-state performance.
Use root-cause analytics to prioritize improvement initiatives.
Use planning and communication cadence for continuous improvement.

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