Approved Operating Systems

At Bramble it’s vital we ensure the data of our Customers, our team-members, and our company is treated and protected with the appropriate security measures it deserves.

With this in mind, Bramble Security will begin enforcing a list of approved Operating Systems and minimum Operating System versions for use at Bramble. This change will decrease the risk from the use of End-Of-Life or unapproved Operating Systems accessing locations which may contain sensitive data.

Please see the Data Classification Policy handbook page for further details on how different data types are classified.

Approved Operating Systems

last updated 2021-09-18

Linux & *BSD

Bramble requires that you run an actively updated and supported Linux distro or BSD flavour. It will be your responsibility to maintain your Linux environment.

Further details are available at the Linux Tools & Tips page.


macOS 10.15 or later


Android 10.0 or later


iOS 12.5.4 or later


As described in the Acceptable Use Policy, Microsoft Windows operating systems are not allowed. If you have a legitimate business need to use a Windows operating system, please see the Exception Process.

All Windows users must submit Exception Requests for the continued use at Bramble, and any unauthorized user of Windows will be notified. These users must have a legitimate business need which cannot be accomplished or is significantly more difficult on a macOS or Linux OS, must use Windows 10 or later, and have manager approval.

Note: Even if a Windows machine is approved for use via the above Exception Process, that machine cannot be used to access Bramble corporate services (e.g. Slack, G-Suite,; the Windows machine can only be used in addition to a Bramble-managed Linux or Mac machine.

Access Change Schedule

March 21st, 2021

All Windows users must submit Exception Requests for the continued use at Bramble.

January 27th, 2021

Users of Android 9 or older will be notified and required to upgrade to a supported version of Android OS. Access restrictions may be enforced if use of unauthorized versions of Android persist.

Exception Process

Exceptions must follow the Exception Management process as outlined in the Bramble Security Handbook page