Onboarding Processes


This page is a guide for People Experience Associates when onboarding new team members. All onboarding tasks and guidelines for new team members, People Experience, and Managers are in the People Experience Onboarding Issue. Each onboarding issue is structured with tasks for all team members (day 1 to day 5 and then week 2 to week 4) and below those task sections are listed department-specific and/or role-specific tasks. In some cases, specific tasks may link to supplemental issues, created by specific teams, with in-depth training. In case this is a re-hire ping the ITOps team in the #it-help slack channel to ensure there are no blockers, before creating an onboarding issue or any accounts to avoid the re-hire from having system related issues on day 1.


People Experience Associates will create the onboarding issue, and start completing the onboarding tasks, no later than 5 days before the new team member joins. People Experience Associates require a minimum of 4 business days (with the new hire timezone as the basis) before the new hire’s start date to complete all onboarding tasks. To ensure we create a smooth onboarding experience for new team members, provide enough time for the IT Ops team for laptop orders, and completing the I-9 process (for US-base hires) 4 days is the minimum amount of time needed. Should a contract not be signed prior to 4 working days from the start date, a new start date will be required.

If any changes or updates need to be made to the onboarding template, kindly notify People Experience team by ccing them in the MR. Also notify other teams if a change will impact them.

All new hires will receive invitational access to their Bramble email, Bramble accounts, and any other work-related accounts on Day 1. No access is permitted before Day 1.

Issue Organization

Labels Associated with Onboarding Issues

  • PE: Pre Start - Complete
    • This label would be used when all of the Pre-Start Date Tasks have been completed.
  • PE: Day 1 - Complete
    • This label would be used when all of the People Experience task for Day 1 have been completed.
  • PE: Pending - Day 1
    • This label is used when the Day 1 task cannot be completed by the PEA Team.
  • PE: Pending - Pre Start
    • This label would be used when the People Experience team needs to complete the steps prior to Day 1.
  • encryption::missing
    • This will be added by the People Experience team if a new team member is missing the security tasks under Day 3.
  • encryption::complete
    • This will be added by the team member or the People Experience team once all of the security tasks for encryption have been completed.
  • edm::missing
    • This will be added by the People Experience team if a new team member is missing the Endpoint Managment Agent tasks under Day 3.
  • edm::complete
    • This will be added by the team member or the People Experience team once all of the security tasks for Endpoint Management have been completed.
  • Manager: Pre Start Complete
    • This is used when the new team members manager has completed all of the Before Starting at Bramble Manager Tasks.
  • Manager: Day 1 Complete
    • This is used when the new team members manager has completed all of the Accounts and Access Day 1 - Manager Tasks.
  • Manager: Pending
    • A manager can add this if they are working on a new team members profile but cannot complete all of the tasks.


Google Mail Account Creation

  1. People Experience Associates create email addresses for new team members using the convention of firstname@brmbl.io.
  • Review common naming customs for the team member region. If the team member is from a LATAM country, ensure the email address is aligned with the team members preferred first name and last name(s).
  1. To make sure that we create the Bramble Google Mail account according to the new team member’s preferred first name, we first look at the team member’s resume & relevant communications to find their preferred name.
  2. Before creating the email account, verify that the proposed email is not conflicting with a current account by searching in Google Workspace Admin. If it is, add a letter for their last name or ask the team member for their choice in preferred letter addition to their email address. After confirming, check the email again within the Google Workspace Admin. Please note that you will not be creating the email address in Google Workspace Admin.
  3. Add the email address to the Gusto profile under work email.

Onboarding Issue Creation

The People Experience Associate will then create an onboarding issue in GitLab 4-5 business days prior to the new team member’s start date.

  1. Before creating the onboarding issue, ensure that all information entered Gusto is accurate and complete.
  2. Once the onboarding issue has been opened, ping their manager in the issue if no Baseline Entitlement Access Request exists. In the event that a manager pings the Bot/People Experience Associate that one does exist (usually providing a link to the correct template), follow the steps below:
  3. is the role template title == the team member’s role
  4. is the role template‚Äôs department folder == the team member’s department
  5. is the role template specified on speciality level and == the team member’s specility the same
  • Open the team members Gusto profile and verify the above
  • If the Access Request template can be used for the specific team member, add the role to the Shared Components file
  • Assign the merge request for the shared components file to IT OPs Manager to review and merge. Once merged, this will ensure that the template is created by day 2 (if merged before then)
  1. If you are part of the People Experience team, IT Ops team, new team members’s manager or onboarding buddy please note there are additional steps to complete directly in the new hire’s onboarding issue in the ‘Before Starting at Bramble’ section.

People Experience Pre-Start Onboarding Tasks

Request Signature for Code of Conduct

Each assigned People Experience Associate will send their new team members our Code of Conduct forms for review and signature in Drata.

People Experience Day 1 Onboarding Tasks

Once you have seen the team member’s legal ID (either through work eligibility confirmation or employee upload), please edit the 3 Name fields (First Name(s), Middle Name(s), Last Name(s)) to ensure that the team member’s full and complete legal name is shown in Gusto.

Onboarding Welcome Email

The new team member will automically recieve a “Welcome to Onboarding” email. The People Experience team will be CCd on this process. More information about this email automation can be found here. The team member will follow the instructions in the welcome email to access their GSuite account.

Compliance and Ownership

The People Experience Team is responsible for monitoring and facilitating the completion of the onboarding issue.

People Experience Associates will complete the following tasks.


Before Start Date

2 Business Days Prior:

  • Check that manager has started their onboarding tasks.
    • If not, ping the manager in the issue.
  • Check that the Onboarding Buddy has started their tasks.
    • If not, ping the buddy or manager in the issue.

After Start Date

On Start Date

  • Check that the manager has completed the “Before Starting tasks”.
    • If not, send a slack message to the manager.
  • Check that the buddy has completed the “Before Starting tasks”.
    • If not, send a slack message to the manager.

After Day 1

  • Check that the team member has completed Day 1 Security tasks

After Day 3

  • Add the Encryption Label - Complete or Missing, per Drata.
    • If missing, request the new team member complete the task as soon as possible.

After Week 1

  • Check that the new team member is progressing through the onboarding issue. Check in with the team member to ensure they are not stuck on any task.


  • Check that the team member’s info has been received from a payroll perspective.
  • Verify employment details.
  • Enroll the team member into any benefits for their location.