Bramble Onboarding

Onboarding at Bramble

Onboarding is incredibly important at Bramble. We don’t expect you to hit the ground running from day one.

We highly recommend taking at least two full weeks for onboarding and only in week three starting with team specific onboarding and training. Please feel free to participate in your team’s work in your first two weeks, but don’t feel like you have to contribute heavily.

All onboarding steps are in the onboarding issue template which is owned by the respective Manager. The onboarding process for the new team member is self-driven and self-learning, whilst also remaining as asynchronous as possible settling into the remote life at Bramble.

The team member’s Manager will open the onboarding issue at least 4 days prior to the hire date.

Each onboarding issue has a main section that contains tasks relevant to all Bramble team-members and a due date of 30 days. Below the main section are department and role-specific tasks. Some roles and teams have tasks that link to a supplemental issue template or an additional onboarding page. Reach out to your Manager or other Bramble team members if you need help understanding or completing any of your tasks.

Slack Channel Support for New Team Members

By default, all new team members are added to the below Slack channels from day 1 to ensure that they are able to ask any questions or for assistance in the correct channels upfront:

  • #new-team-members
  • #peopleops
  • #it-help
  • #questions
  • #whats-happening-at-bramble

Managers of New Team Members

An issue is created for new team members at least 4 business days prior to their start date. The Manager will be assigned to this issue. Managers and IT Ops all have tasks that need to be completed prior to the start date to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding process.

Completing Onboarding Issue

To ensure a successful completion of the onboarding issue, it is important that all tasks are checked off, whether the task is applicable to the onboarding team member or not. Checking the box indicates one of the following:

  • I have completed this task
  • I have checked and this task is not applicable to me

These templates are used by our team to onboard new team members.

Role Specific Templates

These are added to the “All Team Member” Template

Additional onboarding pages