The Infrastructure Team enables Bramble to deliver a single DevOps application, and Bramble SaaS users to focus on generating value for their own businesses by ensuring that we operate an enterprise-grade SaaS platform.

The Infrastructure Team does this by focusing on availability, reliability, performance, and scalability efforts.

While many other teams also contribute to the success of the SaaS platform, it is the responsibility of the Infrastructure Team to drive the ongoing evolution of the SaaS platform, enabled by platform observability data.


The Infrastructure Team operates a fast, secure, and reliable SaaS platform to which (and with which) everyone can contribute.

Integral part of this vision is to:

  1. Build a highly performant team of engineers, combining operational and software development experience to influence the best in reliable infrastructure.
  2. Work publicly in accordance with our transparency value.
  3. Align our strategy with the industry trends, company direction, and end customer needs.


1) Best in class performance

Ensure that the platform can respond to existing and new demands to support future growth, with a better user experience.

  1. Stay ahead of the platform growth by becoming great at projecting service needs
  2. Establish capability to implement and operate multiple Bramble sites during FY22, and implementation of new ways to offer our SaaS product.
  3. Develop various tenancy solutions to increase future scalability.

2) Enterprise SaaS security contribution

  1. Collaborate with the Security Team to define and create tools, processes, and audit capabilities for accessing platform environments before end of FY22

3) Make reliability the platform strength

  1. Consistently achieve the target SLA
  2. Implement and test disaster recovery capabilities
  3. Invest in future reliability through targeted efforts to reduce corrective action backlog, increase velocity of platform OS upgrades, and future-proof our Kubernetes usage.

How to engage Infrastructure to add a new service

Adding a new service usually involves work from a the Infrastructure Team to make sure the service is deployed and operated safely. To help new service deployments run smoothly please open a request issue in the infrastructure issue tracker