Enterprise Applications Team

The Enterprise Applications Team implements and supports specialized applications that support our business processes within Bramble.

We are directly responsible for all of Bramble’s finance systems and Enterprise Applications Integrations. We build and extend these applications to support the processes of our business partners and rationalize our application landscape to ensure it is optimized for efficiency and spend.

Our team ensures the availability of these applications and integrations through monitoring and alerting. These internal-facing applications include a multitude of different applications and environments, including Xero, Expensify, etc. We are also responsible for the IT Audit and Compliance function to ensure we pass audits for our IT General Controls (ITGC).


  • To enable end to end business processes within the enterprise applications that seamlessly hand off to each other and ensure it provides a great user experience to our business partners
  • Ensure data integrity between systems and security of that data
  • Constantly iterate to simplify and ensure processes are efficient and automated as much as possible..
  • Leveraging out of the box best practices as much as possible. We buying and extend applications where we don’t see building them as Brambles core engineering competency
  • IT Audit and Compliance - Ensuring that all customer / business data is secure and can pass key audits for attestations and compliance with SOX, SOC, etc.

Services We Offer

Business Process Improvements

Being business process first, means that the Enterprise Applications team will firm up requirements, use cases, and process flows as we implement systems, enhance them or deliver fixes.

Application Evaluations & Implementations

We provide templates for vendor evaluations, can help write and review your user stories, and are happy to participate in tool evaluations that integrate with other applications or intersect with multiple departments. Once an application is selected, our team will align with vendor teams to implement Enterprise Applications that are coming on board. We follow a process that ensures we keep multiple groups aligned as we iterate to get the systems up quickly and efficiently.

Finance Systems Administration

Enterprise Applications supports all of the core finance systems with experienced admins that streamline and enhance current processes, turn on new features, and improve end to end process cycle time.

Integrations Engineering

Our integration team manages all of the integrations between Enterprise Applications at Bramble. Focusing on building out failover, redundant and auditable integrations that are constantly monitored.

IT Audit and Compliance

  • Focusing on operationalizing and optimizing the Information Technology General Compute Controls (ITGCs) for Bramble. This is a critical step to supporting our security posture and meeting compliance obligations. Learn more in our IT Compliance handbook page.

Applications We Own

  1. Xero
  2. Expensify
  3. TripActions
  4. EdCast
  5. DocuSign

Documentation We Support

Our Process

Types of Support

  1. Access Request or change in access: Queue. Submit issue.
  2. Breaks, bugs and incidents related to a system. Submit issue.
  3. Enhancement Request for a system. Submit issue.
  4. Other and questions. Submit issue.

Issue Process

  1. Issue submitted with request
  2. Request is approved by technical owner and business owner (as necessary). (Approvals Queue)
  3. Change pushed to sandbox/dev environment
  4. Change validated
  5. Change deployed to production environment

Issue Labels

Every issue will have a scope tracking tag showing the current status:

  • BT:Backlog - Unless a due date is indicated or urgency specified, non-access related issues will go into the backlog and prioritized bi-weekly
  • BT:To Do - Team will look at the issue within a week of submitting
  • BT:In Progress - Team is currently actively working on scoping out and gathering requirements
  • BT:Done - Completed

We also use labels to identify the responsible group within Enterprise Applications:

  • BSA - business systems analysts issue
  • BT Finance Systems - finance admin issue
  • BT Integrations:Kanban - integrations team issue
  • IT Compliance - IT compliance team

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