US Based P&C Insurer

At a Glance

Bramble helped an insurance company improve productivity and reduce claims cost, while maintaining superior customer experience. Within 3 months, the customer had achieved a 15% increase in productivity.

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Client Details

US-based Insurance Property & Auto claims
11k+ employees $12bn annual revenue (USD)
Multiple systems used to manage claims


Improvement in output per FTE per day within 12 weeks


Annualized ROI on Bramble Saas usage


Reduction in touches to finalize a claim (from 15.3 to 11.2)


Reduction in Claims Cost (from $127 to $108)

The story

Bramble was engaged by a large US-based Insurer that had recently acquired multiple companies. Their tech landscape was diverse and operational visibility was low.

Through the deployment of the Bramble platform and leadership habits, the client was able to identify and remove friction from their Claims Adjustor Department. This led to less blockages for the frontline staff and created capacity that was used to reduce cycle time and unit cost.

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On-going benefit

“Bramble is genius! It is so needed in our industry.”

-SVP of Enterprise Claims

Sustained productivity improvement

Embedded Continuous Improvement practices

Complete E2E cost to serve reporting

Enhanced CX and staff engagement